Mlinar & Mlinar d.o.o.
Technological design, construction and production (preparation) documentation for production kitchens according to the wishes of customers.

AHA Plastik d.o.o.
Device for inserting inliners (bags) in the container. The device has been developed with the aim of creating minimal waste in the use of silicone sealants for packaging containers because of the presence of silicate materials on the wall can not be recycled. After using the bag in the container can be recycled each bag and container.

SIAPRO d.o.o
designed for SIAPRO d.o.o , Cerkno:

  • Instantaneous blasting machine dimensions (mm): 4200x220 (12x45kW)
  • Blast machine with hook
  • Cartridge filters, conveyors, foundry equipment overhaul ...

STEM d.o.o
designed for STEM d.o.o Nova Gorica:

  • Instantaneous blasting machine dimensions (mm): dimension 500x200, 1000x600, 1000x800, 1500x600, 2000x500, 2200x500, 2500x700, 3200x600
  • Instantaneous blast machines with hanging track dimensions (mm): 200x1200, 500x1200, 500x1500, 1200x1850, 1800x3000, 2000x2200, 2000x2500, 2000x2700, 2000x3000
  • Blast machines with hook dimensions (mm): 1200x1850, 1500x2000, 1500x3500, 2000x2000, 2500x3500, 4000x5000
  • Tumble blast machines with a rubber band / lamella dimensions (diameter x drum max. Workpiece width) (mm): 850x1000, 1000x1200, 1200x1600
  • Spindle blast machines Dimensions (diameter x max tables. Workpiece height) (mm): 1400x600, 1800x900
  • Cartridge filters, cyclones, conveyors, ...

ALSing d.o.o (Dabco d.o.o. , Gorenje INDOP)

designed for ALSing d.o.o., Gorenje INDOP 

  • conveyor for transporting sawdust, palletizer stacking euro pallets, roller conveyor, hydraulic lifting tables, ...
  • rack lifts (prototypes - eight designs), developed for the client Gorenje Indop 2004
  • stacker crane trolley, developed for the client Trimo Trebnje, handed in February 2005
  • stacker crane with surrendering developed for the client Krka Novo Mesto, handed in use in March 2005
  • Chimney Cleaning System coils SCHIEDEL Latkova Vas handed over for use in February 2005
  • drive stations transport system Merkur Garbsen 2005
  • rack lifts for Thermo Ċ kofja Loka 2005 Hemofarm Russia 2005
  • rack crane 50 t Trimo TREBNJE 2006


Trimo 2 2006

DZS 2005

Schiedel 2005

Krka 2003


IBL Logis Ljubljana (do 2001)
custom made transport systems


KRKA Novo Mesto
PLIVA Krakov
SCANIA Sweden,...