Autocad applications

Autocad applications



- suitable for older Autocad versions (R14, R2000-R2002)
- contains a library of basic hardware materials (bearing housings, nuts, bolts, washers, profiles)
- selection and entry of most commonly used texts ( x/45°, position, bendings, chamfers)
- entry of symbolsfor standard welds and fillet welds drawing of arbitrary height
- entry of texts for cross-sections and details ('A','A-A','CROSS-SECTION A-A' ,itd...)
- entry of symbols for processing and surface roughness
- selection of left and right arrow form
- adding positioning lines (quick-leader) in a form with dot
- copying atributes values between different drawings heads
- arbitrary entry of measurement





- application enables uploading of printing setups in every new open drawing
- appropriate for areas that requires a lot of printing
- it spares time that is spent for setups of format, printer location and type of lines




- by using shortcut keys we can:

  1. switch between 9 layers
  2. hide any layer
  3. add choosen objects to any layer

- write names of the layers in text file
- combination of shortcut keys enables faster work:

  11,22,33,44,55,...99 - adding objects on a layer
  1,2,3,4,5,...9 - switching between layers
  1q,2w,3e,4r,5t,...9o - hidding a layer




- adequate for older Autocad version R14-R2008 and for newer version (newer version uses internal pdf printer
- print in pdf without any additional steps is done with a help of external pdf printer (Bullzip)
- pdf file is automatically created with a new name in the same directory as opened dwg. drawing
- no intermediate allerts (file exists - overwrite?); at the end of printing created pdf. file is opened in pdf viewer
- printing is possible in A4 or A3 format, color or black and white


CADMELEON (automatic processing)

- application is composed from from two parts: universal and individual part


Based on Autocad automatic processing (Batch) that runs script file and automatically opens implement of separate part saving and closing dwg. drawing.  Programme search dwg. drawings in selected folder or subfolder and writes them down in mentioned script file.


Is explicitly implemented in opened dwg. drawing. The main part of this programme is done in separate part. Separate part is custom made and tailored for your needs and requirements. Possibilites are unlimited:

- control of data in drawings heads (block) (weight, name, revision, internal code etc..)
- change of old heads with new ones (possibility of adding new atributes)
- chance of creating heads for drawings that have been damaged or created from primary objects (lines, texts,...)
- chance of automatic printing to pdf. file, archiving, filtering and deleting of duplicated or overlapping blocks etc...

Separate part has also a modul that prevent loss of data at sudden interruption. For every sucessfully completed individual processing programme allows continuation from the error. Data, status and other required parametres are written in text file (log.).

Main advantage of SEPARATE PART is complete customatisation to individual customer. We can also create interface between Autocad and your internal system (export to text file, VBScript transfer etc).

Leaflet CADmeleon



- we offer interfaces between Solidworks, Inventor, Autocad and MRP programmes (export of bills of materials to MRP)